Taking care of the environment is easy!

We try to make our packaging as sustainable as possible, looking whenever possible for materials such as glass or biodegradable plastics.

How many times have you bought a product and once opened you throw the box?
We do not care so much about marketing as being sustainable, that is why we have looked for a way to make our packaging reusable.

Our boxes are simple and practical, they serve as cases to store your essential oils or as a "disaster" drawer for anything you have at home.

At Florian's you can find our products in different types of packaging:

- Glass: in our oil-based perfumes, 30ml and 12ml formats, and in our BIO vegetable shortenings.

We always recommend recycling glass containers to the green container.

- PET: High resistance to wear and corrosion, good chemical and thermal resistance, good barrier to CO2, O2 and humidity.

It is compatible with other materials that together improve the barrier quality of packaging and therefore allow its use in specific markets.

Recyclable to the yellow container. Approved for use in products that must be in contact with food products.

- Cardboard: in our oil-based perfume packaging, as well as in the packaging of our essential oils and shipping materials.

We always recommend recycling cardboard packaging in the blue container.