The "Encyclopedia of Natural Ingredients" defines as natural "a product that is derived from plant, animal, or microbial sources, primarily through physical transformation, sometimes facilitated by simple chemical reactions, such as acidification, combination of base chemicals , ion exchange, hydrolysis, and salt formation, and microbial fermentation. These chemical reactions do not drastically alter the chemical structure of the natural product. "

Other definitions understand natural "one that does not contain artificial or synthetic ingredients and has not had more processing than what could be done in a domestic kitchen so that the product is not fundamentally altered". Others add that the natural substance has not undergone a synthesis process. A synthetic product is thus a substance that is formulated or manufactured by a chemical process or by a process that chemically changes a substance extracted from the plant of natural origin, animal or mineral sources, except that this term does not apply to materials resulting naturally produced by biological processes.

At FLORIAN'S AROMATHERAPY we adhere to the practice of Aromatherapy, Perfumery and Natural and Botanical Cosmetics, in which the origin of the ingredients is exclusively vegetable, mineral or microbial, and never animal. We only contemplate the use of honey, beeswax and silk chrysalis as ingredients for the formulation. Thus, in the labeling of our products, the term natural appears with the meaning that the product is made exclusively with “substances that are derived from a natural or mineral source and have not undergone a process of synthesis (synthetic ingredients or artificial) ".


Natural ingredients include plant substances, minerals, microbial agents, or animals (which as we have pointed out, we are not in favor of the use of the latter), present in or produced by nature using minimal physical processing and are directly extracted by means of simple methods, simple chemical reactions or as a result of natural biological processes.

The natural ingredients are:

        -  Cultivated, harvested, and processed preferably in an ecological and / or sustainable way.
        -  Not synthetically produced.
        -  Free of all any petroleum-derived products not extracted or processed using petroleum derivatives, except natural solvents.
        -  Not exposed to radiation.
        -  They do not contain synthetic chemical preservatives.
        -  They do not contain artificial ingredients.


Essential oils are raw materials extracted directly from plants through steam distillation, cold pressure or CO2 extraction. To extract a sufficient quantity of essential oil, it is necessary to consume a large quantity of the part of the plant from which it is extracted, for example, to extract a kilo of lemon essential oil, 3,000 lemons are necessary. This makes the cost of an essential oil very high, if we also have to add the costs of cultivation, production, packaging, labeling and distribution, the price ends up being very expensive.

It is important to know that a certain essential oil has a unique profile of chemical components, that is, they have a certain percentage range of all the molecules that make up that essential oil. For example, lemon essential oil is characterized by having a higher amount of Limonene in a specific range.

Taking into account that today there are many companies dedicated to the sale of essential oils, prices vary greatly and in the end, to be competitive, prices must be adjusted to those of the market. Now, many of these companies to reduce the costs of essential oils generally dilute them in their chemotype whose origin is synthetic, that is, in the aromatic molecule with the greatest presence in essential oil, if we take the essential oil as an example again of lemon the dilution would be in limonene.

Chemotypes are very cheap and easy to buy, so if you dilute a pure essential oil in a percentage of the chemotype you will end up reducing costs.

Our philosophy motivates us to only and commercialize undiluted essential oils, as long as it is possible to obtain BIO essential oils and thus offer the best qualities of all our products.